If I wrote a note to God, here’s what I’d say…

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Note to God

The inspiration for this post obviously comes from one of my favorite songs by Charice (now known as Jake Zyrus) and JoJo – Note to God.

Note to God – Charice

And to be honest, I had never heard the original version of Note to God sung by JoJo until I started writing this post.

My bad, Jojo! 😉

If you're like me in that you have a love for music and belief in a higher power, then Note to God and it's lyrics will really resonate with you.

Speaking of love for music, what did you think of the opening song from Alicia Keys at the Grammys?

Alicia Keys – Someone You Loved (Parody) at the 62nd Grammy Awards

okay. Let me get back on script…

If I wrote a note to God…

I would speak what's in my soul. I'd ask for all the hate to be swept away. And for love to overflow.

To speak what's in your soul means going deep down into the core of your being to reach an area most people try to avoid.

It's a place where pain and sorrow resides. It's where love dwells and it's where love can surely overflow.

Hey, in this opinion piece, I share with you a personal story of the notes I have written to God over the years. That point comes at the end of this post.

Is God disappointed in you?

To continue, let's briefly talk about love…

(Or Simply Skip to My Opinion)

First, I will say that hate is not love. It's the direct opposite of it. If I wrote a note to God this evening, I'd ask that hate be the first to go from the hearts of man.

But as it stands today, hate is still here. It's been here since the existence of man and it will be with us until the end of days.

My response to hatred in the above image?

Who are we to judge?

With all the hate, I wonder why the Ultimate Judge even deals with us.

Yeah, I know, I know… it's because of His love for us; however, I still wonder why…

With that being said, I arrive at my second point. That is, besides being commanded not to judge others, the act itself (judging) blinds us of our own deceitful actions.

And that evilness robs us of our light, which is love.

“Judging others makes us blind, whereas love is illuminating. By judging others we blind ourselves to our own evil and to the grace which others are just as entitled to as we are.”

Dietrich Bonhoeffe

If I wrote a note to God…

I'd say, give us the strength to make it through. Help us find love 'cause love is overdue. And it seems like so much is going wrong on this road we're on.

This part of the song speaks of the journey. When I hear those words, I am reminded of the Road to Damascus.

Saul, in his zealous attempt to destroy the Church and arrest believers, found something totally different.

He found a love that was overdue along that 150-plus mile journey from Jerusalem to Damascus.

It wasn't a note from God, but better yet, the incarnated El Shaddai delivering the message in person (or rather, spirit).

This spiritual awakening eventually led Paul to an unshakable love and worship of God.

Hey, that road that seems wrong can sometimes lead you precisely to the correct destination.

Let's continue…

I have taken you through a journey just to arrive at the doorstep of what I'd say (or have said) in my note to God.

Some of the questions I'd ask in my note has only been shared with a handful of really close people in my life.

If I wrote a note to God…

I'd simply ask, why?

Why did my father walk out on us?

Why did I have to be separated from my brother?

Why did a young and innocent boy have to go through such horrible abuse?

Why come when I finally escaped it, did I find myself one day corned with no possibility of escape?

Why after that failed attempt was I held up by my ankles naked, and whooped into submission…

and then threaten that if I told, I would receive something much worse once he found me?

Why did all of this lead me to be distant from my family and cause me to not trust others?

Why did this create failed relationships and the longing to be alone, but at the same time, to always have someone close by?

Why I am I nearly 50 years old and can still never forget the abuses of my past?

If I wrote a note to God, and you can be assured I have, I would have lots of questions of Him, and most of them would begin with – WHY?

To really understand a person, you have to know what they have been through.

Barry Canada

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One Comment

  • To start the healing, you have to be able to take the risk of getting hurt during the process. I love you and it hurts that you are so distant when all I have is you and the kids being far from home. Sorry if I hurt you too, I have been through a lot but I am never afraid to take the risk, just like how I took risk to love you. Thank you for trying your best to take care of us and sorry I am hurt that I don’t feel like I belong and included. I love the blog. If I am to write a Note to God, I will just thank Him for giving me you even though you are a handful. I won’t ask why about everything that happened to my life and lead me to where I am at now anymore, because going through all that made me stronger than I have ever imagined. And that’s how I keep in standing up after breaking down like a psycho all the time.

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