Is MSNBC Part of the Democratic Establishment? Yes!

Is MSNBC part of the Democratic Establishment?

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For weeks I have watched Chris Matthews, Nicolle Wallace, and others at MSNBC systematically take out a Bernie Sanders campaign that was almost surely the favorite to win the Democratic nomination. For example:

Chris Matthews Compares Bernie Sanders Winning Nevada To France Falling to The Nazis In 1940.

Although he apologized, it was a knockout blow to Bernie's campaign.

But even before that statement, you got this:

Democratic strategist James Carville warned of the “end of days” if Democrats nominate Bernie Sanders as their candidate for president in 2020.

He calls himself a Democratic Strategist yet he couldn't predict that Michael Bennett wouldn't make it through the first two debates. Really?

So, hitch your wagon to Safe Joe [Biden], Mr. Carville. Yeah, he is the safe choice; however, he is also the second coming of Hillary Clinton.

As a matter of fact, I am 99.9% sure Bill Barr will open up an investigation on Biden several weeks before the next election or an impeachment convenes within his first year in office.

History Repeats Itself!

I genuinely like the folks at MSNBC and especially enjoy the investigative work and reporting Rachel Maddow does almost on a daily basis. However, I am growing distant from this network because this is starting to look a lot like 2016, a time when MSNBC all but crowned Hillary Clinton the nominee and threw Bernie Sanders under the bus every chance they got.

What's ironic is that Hillary bashed Bernie for his policies, saying they were pie in the sky fantasy ideas, but later she began promoting similar policy initiatives.

Bernie's $15 minimum wage increase, proposals of making colleges and universities tuition-free, and his work towards getting rid of dirty money in politics are just some of the initiatives Bernie introduced to the Democratic Party that are central issues taunted by all Dems today.

Pie in the sky? Nah, those are true middle-class needs.

How Did Hillary Clinton Lose to Donald Trump?

You know, a friend of mines often joke about the 2016 election in that the world was shocked to hear that Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump.

All the stars were supposed to line up for Hillary. It was her time. The SuperPacs crowned her victor even before the first vote was cast.

Problem is, she got lazy. She flaunted her fake smiles and pointed and waved at all those invisible people in the crowd, and she believed what the polls were telling her.

She decided she didn't need to go to those small rural areas in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, etc. “Nah, I got this thing in the bag, it's just a matter of time…”

She lost, blamed it on Bernie and even shot him the finger a few months ago for good measure. “Bernie didn't get his people to line up behind me,” she cried.

Yeah, and you know why?

Because you never apologized to Bernie for all the cheating that took place in 2016.

Hillary was basically running the DNC while also running as a candidate.

How is that even fair?

Had she apologized and maybe even taken Bernie as her VP choice, she would probably be president today. Even if Bernie wasn't the choice as her VP, an apology would have helped unite the party.

So, here we are today dealing with the same crap from the last election, except it's another establishment candidate in Joe Biden who is the Chosen One!

MSNBC Reason for Bernie's Potential Downfall & Biden's Success

I have been telling people for a while that the Democratic Establishment would never allow Sanders to become the Democratic Nominee for President of the United States.

Just like we may not see a woman president for quite some time.

And it's not that neither are qualified, it's just that most of America don't want to see radical change. Radical change is a woman president, a socialist president, a gay or lesbian president, and the such.

No, they'd rather settle for the status quo – someone like Boring Joe Biden.

But to get back on topic. MSNBC is a huge reason why Biden has been able to bounce back. All of the negative rhetoric from this network has caused some folks to see Bernie as the equivalent of Donald Trump, which couldn't be farther from the truth.

I was watching a video by Krystal Ball that explains the rise of Joe Biden and the fall of Bernie Sanders. Take a gander below:

One point I would like to emphasize is, “Republicans are not your friends, Biden!”

Funny, I keep telling people that Mitch and the boys are not going to work with Biden if he is elected. It would be just like the eight years of President Obama where they refused to allow any major legislation through.

And believing that Joe can change things is in fact, Pie in the Sky Politics!

I have pretty much told you how I feel about everything that has transpired over the past four years, so I will just provide you a quicky summary and possible prediction.

Thanks to MSNBC, Trump Gets Four More Years!

After escaping Senate Impeachment, President Trump has been picking up steam. He has united his base and got all his little minions to fall in line. He is ready to make meat of Slow-mo Joe. He's licking is chops as we speak.

Can Biden Outduel Trump?

In a debate, Trump wins every time against Joe Biden. To be honest, I think he also wins against Bernie too. Neither are great debaters. However, I think Joe is in the same category as Michael Bloomberg – slow and boring.

I think the only three Democrats who could stand toe to toe with President Trump are Pete Buttigieg, Cory Booker, or Kamala Harris. However, there's a reason why none of these three are still in the race.

  • America is not ready to elect a gay man (or woman) for president
  • America is not ready to elect again a black man for president
  • America is not ready to elect a woman (gay, black or straught) for president.

Where the hell is Oprah when you need here? She'd be the exception

Here's real talk…

There's a rift in the democratic party. There are those of us who want real change and polocies that truly benefit the middle class.

And then there are those who are just looking for someone to beat Donal Trump, someone who is a safe bet, someone who thinks that can work across the aisle with a bunch of crooks.

Here's news for all of you who fall into the latter group: It Ain't Happening!

You can play nice all you want.

The Republicans are not going to work with you.

They are smarter than you.

They are more ruthless than you.

Come election time, you will be sitting at home (because most of you still won't vote), crying about how Trump stole the election (again).

Truth is, MSNBC, the Democratic Establishment, and those foolish enough to vote for Biden are the reasons why Trump gets four more years.

Barry Canada

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  • I agree that #MSNBC hasn’t made it easy for Bernie Sanders and that Joe Biden is not the candidate who will make any real change, she he beat Donald Trump. Like Krystal stated, the guy can’t even muster up a coherent sentence (or vision). Funny how they all wrote him off when he wasn’t leading the field. Now all of them are getting behind him and making Bernie look like Hitler. Oh, yeah, that’s exactly what they called him. I feel bad for the Democrats because they will never learn. Thanks for sharing this article, brother!

    • Glenn, I agree with you on all fronts. Biden is the status quo. He is the “safe bet.” He won’t ruffle any feathers, and he won’t make any real changes. His term in office will create the next Donald Trump, and that’s assuming he beats him in 2020. I am telling you, there will be no unification behind Biden. Sanders will try again to help the establishment, but most (like me) are not buying into it. Let’s see where this goes.

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