Can a smoker live as long as a non-smoker?

Can smoker live longer than non smoker

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On this, it’s very important to be specific. We are all smokers in one way or the other. We inhale second-hand smoke even if you aren’t a smoker plus all the smoke emitted by cars, factories and such. However, for avid smokers, living as long as the non-smoker is a very low probability.

Want to skip all the stats and just get to my opinion?

There are so many diseases related to smoking. On the cigarette packet itself, its written smoking is harmful to your health and might cause chronic diseases. It's there not only because the tobacco industry is required to place that little statement on every pack it produces. It's there also because it's a proven fact.

Theoretically, there is no way a smoker can outlive a non-smoker. I know what you're going to say, Barry, my Uncle Joe smoked all his life and lived to be 999.

Yeah, there are always exceptions to every rule. Dude was lucky!

Smoking is one of the largest causes of preventable deaths. In England for example, it accounts for more than 70,000 deaths every year. All these could have been prevented if one quit smoking.

Fact. One in every two smokers dies from smoking-related diseases.

The damage is so bad but addiction renders some smokers helpless.

Let’s start from the obvious. Smoking is associated with throat and lung cancer. For research purposes, take a look at the lungs of a smoker and those of a non-smoker. These are two different sets of organs. The smoker has black lungs from all the smoke while the non-smoker has a clean set of lungs.

Both are nasty, but damn… look at that black lung!

When smoking the tar in the cigarette enters the blood and make your blood thicker, increase the heart rate and blood pressure and narrow your arteries. These combined can lead to a massive heart attack or stroke.

Smokers Have a Higher Chance of Death

Smokers have a higher chance of getting a stroke as compared to non-smokers. Coughs, wheezing, colds, and asthma are other effects of smoking. Smoking also causes fatal diseases such as lung cancer, pneumonia, and emphysema.

Smoking causes bad breath and stained teeth too. It damages your sense of taste and causes gum disease as well. It leads to an increased risk of getting cancer on your lips, throat, tongue, voice box and gullet.

This one for the guys…

In males, smoking can cause impotence. It narrows and damages the blood vessels responsible for supplying blood to the penis. It reduces sperm count, destroys them and can cause testicular cancer. In the UK, there are over 100,000 men in their 20s and 30s who are impotent due to smoking.

So, smoking is not only “not sexy,” but it can also interfere with your “sexual activity!”

With all these facts, there is no way that a smoker can outlive a non-smoker. Unless the non-smoker has another chronic disease but for two healthy individuals but one smokes, they are likely going to die fast and due to smoking-related diseases.

Now, this is just my opinion…

So, this is one that I can speak of confidently not only because I did the research, but also because I was once a smoker.

I don't remember my quit date because when I stopped, it wasn't because I had planned this whole thing out.

I quit because I was SICK!

That was around mid-November of last year (2019); so, today is around 110-115 days without a cigarette!

And, I can tell you quitting ain't easy. Every day I feel like I should be smoking. I want to sneak over to the store and buy me a pack of Newport and just puff my ass off!

I really want nothing more than to do that; however, I have other things in my life that are more important than a quick smoking high, and that's my family!

My Family – My Why

Being a late dad, time is already against me.

Being diabetic, time is already against me.

Having a family history of heart conditions, time is already running against me.

And, finally, being a black man, time is already against me.

Although African Americans usually smoke fewer cigarettes and start smoking cigarettes at an older age, they are more likely to die from smoking-related diseases than Whites.

African Americans and Tobacco Use via

So, I have too many things going against me? Why in the world wouldn't I want to quit?

Why wouldn't you want to quit?

Barry Canada

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