A Day in the Life of Digital Media

A Day in the Life of Digital Media

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As some of you may well know, I am not only a blogger by day, but I am also a student at Southern New Hampshire University by night where I am pursuing a BS in Digital Marketing.

This post is part of an assignment where I have to chronicle this day in my life using digital media. Instead of creating a blog from scratch, I chose to use this blog and my unique brand to complete this assignment and any future ones… for as long as my professor approves 🙂

So, let's get right to it.

This day started much like any other day with the immediate grab of my cell phone where I checked for any important emails, got on Facebook to see if there were any comments from my recent blog post, and then I checked my bank account to see what money had been stolen from me.

As with many, I spend a lot of time on Facebook. I go there because this is how I build my brand. I have a Facebook page and Group that I manage and I also participate in discussions in other groups I belong to. Today is no different than any other day.

Aside from Facebook, I also utilize Twitter quite a bit. Similarly, I am there only to build the brand. With the move, I haven't been there in a while; so, today I am just seeing what's going on.

I have several email accounts where I receive business information or correspondence related to my websites and blogs. I really hate going there because it's quite the clutter. Believe it or not, I have one account that has more than 200,000 unopened emails. Yeah, I need an assistant. LOL

200,000+ Unopened email Messages

In this account, I am mainly looking for messages that appear to be important and ignore the rest. Things I consider important are messages from my creditors, anything that shows a profit or loss, and messages from people I recognize as friends, partners or mentors.

After reading the important messages and realizing the email box is something I simply can't tame, I move on to other more interesting things – like gaming.

I am nearly 50, but that hasn't stopped me from doing the childish things I love. I just try to keep the time manageable. Some times that works, other times it doesn't. This day, I was able to get my gaming on while also using my laptop to do my homework – Multitasking.

I have noticed that digital media in marketing is much more aggressive than it used to be many years ago. It's almost scary how sometimes you feel like you're being watched or tracked.

Actually, it is a true fact that websites monitor your activity and use your browsing history to bring you relevant ads. I have had my share of relevancy for today.

This aggressive approach to marketing is seen everywhere you go. Facebook, Amazon, and even local business are using this information to put their business in front of you.

There's no way to avoid it!

When I write a blog post, I usually go a bit longer because that's what Google requires. However, I am going to cut this one short as I believe I have met my Professor's intent.

If you would like to share your day in a life using digital media, please do so in the comment field below.

Until then, remember that your thoughts & opinions are yours to be shared. Why not share them here?

Barry Canada

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